Covid Safe Plan


Covid Safe Practice

We’re doing our part to protect clients, staff and our community by cleaning our equipment regularly, following safe hygiene procedures and following risk reduction plans. 

General Safe Practices


  • Meetings will be held over the phone or teleconference such as Skype/Zoom.
  • Postpone any photo shoots that are not urgent where possible or limit the number of staff onsite.


  • Any photographers that report feeling unwell will self isolate and another photographer will be assigned.
  • If a photographer is confirmed to have COVID-19, they will isolate for a minimum of 14 days and any close contacts are to monitor for symptoms and seek medical advice.


  • Equipment being used for a shoot is cleaned prior to being used and after.
  • Client/s are not to handle any of the photographer’s equipment – including loading in/out.
  • Viewing stations are currently in use, with limited setup. (Please see below our limited setup for each venue) Due to the limited viewing stations we are also using online proofing systems. 
  • 1 Table, 2 iPads, 3 Chairs. All devices will be constantly monitored and sanitised when required. 
  • Photographers will no longer be able to assist in taking photos using another person’s camera/phone.


  • Photographers will carry hand sanitiser.
  • Hand sanitiser will be applied when photographers see fit. ie – after picking up an item.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be supplied to all customers, before and after use on the iPad.
  • All iPads will be disinfected before and after each use. 
  • Viewing stations will be disinfected after each customer has been to the area. 

Face Masks

  • If social distancing can not be achieved safely then a face mask will be worn.
  • We may request our photographer to wear a face mask.

Record Keeping

  • Using the CovidSafe App to keep track of movements around the community and be alerted if there have been any close contacts with positive cases.
  • Keep records of photographer job movements.
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